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With deep understanding and empathy for users, BONASEN can provide product solutions that match users' development goals.

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BONASEN non-standard customization services cover all tool customization in metal cutting fields such as turning, milling and hole machining.

Full coverage in the field of metal cutting



BONASEN has been committed to helping customers optimize the metal processing process and improve the effect, helping customers improve production efficiency, obtain the lowest tool costs, and increase profitability.

Enhance customer competitiveness



BONASNE provides metal cutting tools and solutions that can achieve excellent machining results according to the customer's machining conditions, materials and application types, and specializes in solving machining problems for customers.

Solve processing problems for customers



BONASNE can provide professional tool design and manufacturing according to the customer's parts processing needs and provide systematic and comprehensive technical support.

Non-standard tool customization service

  • Aerospace industry


    In the main bearing structure of modern aircraft, most of them are mainly monolithic structures with complex structure, large amount of material removal, high precision and surface quality requirements, and long processing cycle. The cutting process of these parts has an urgent need to achieve efficient and correct processing. The main workpiece material is aluminum alloy, and BONASEN has mature processing solutions for cavity milling, surface milling, and web finishing of aluminum alloy structural components.

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  • Automobile industry



    As a representative of advanced manufacturing industry, automobiles have high requirements for the precision and flexibility of production equipment. CNC cutting tools play an important role in the automotive manufacturing industry and are widely used in the processing and manufacturing of various parts. Many processes must use special tools and composite tools. BONASEN has the ability to provide comprehensive tool products and technical solutions for all semi-finishing and finishing processes of automotive parts.

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  • Medical device

    The medical device industry is related to people's life safety and has extremely strict requirements for technology. The manufacturing of components in the medical device industry is also limited by many factors, such as high hardness, high wear-resistant processing materials, exceptionally strict technical requirements etc. CNC cutting tools also have important application value in the medical manufacturing industry. BONASEN provides total solutions for typical components, such as artificial joints, medical devices, medical equipment, dental equipment etc.



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  • Mold industry


    The application of CNC cutting tools in the mold manufacturing industry can be divided into three fields: the first is for manufacturing molds, the second is for manufacturing mold parts, the third is for manufacturing mold fixtures. The application of CNC machining technology in mechanical mold manufacturing is very extensive. The use of CNC machining technology can greatly improve the manufacturing quality and production efficiency of mechanical molds, thereby improving product quality and production efficiency.

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  • Electronic communication industry



    The application of CNC cutting tools in the electronic communication industry not only improves processing efficiency and accuracy, but also reduces production costs, which is an important driving force for industry development. Currently, with the development of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, CNC tool technology is also progressing. BONASEN has comprehensive solutions in the processing of electronic components, circuit boards, communication equipment housing, and fiber optic connectors.

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BONASEN has leading products and overall solutions in the automotive manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, medical devices and other industries.

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